The Development, Jackie Kabler

This. BOOK. I’m honestly so obsessed with The Development by Jackie Kabler. The characters. The story. The TENSION.

I didn’t have time to read this all in one sitting, but there were many occasions when I couldn’t stop thinking about this book, so had to make time to read a chapter. I even took it with me when cooking so I could read a page – although, I wouldn’t recommend this, as you’ll be too engrossed that you’ll burn your food (OPPS!).

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The Green Mile, Stephen King

So, I’m late to the party but I’ve finally read The Green Mile by Stephen King and I was amazed and devastated in equal measure – seriously, it took me nearly a week to pick up another book. This book is so incredibly well written and whilst it is a quick read, I could not read this book in one sitting because I just couldn’t take that much heartbreak in one go. Normally, I don’t get choked up when reading books but there were so many points in this book that brought me close!

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The House, Simon Lelic

Not sure if The House, Simon Lelic was that good or whether the creepiness kept me awake all night reading this. Either way, this is one of those books definitely worth losing sleep over.

Upon finishing The House, I just really wanted to shake Lelic’s hand. For me, this book is exactly what a psychological thriller should be.

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Good Me Bad Me, Ali Land

Whenever I went into my local Waterstones (basically twice weekly), I would pick Good Me Bad Me up and then put it back down.

One week, a lady in front of me picked it up as I was putting it down for the umpteenth time and saw she was purchasing it. Got huge FOMO (fear of missing out) and finally bought it.

My only regret is not purchasing Good Me Bad Me the first time around, because booooy is this a good book.

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