HI! I’m Nicole, the founder of Bookmark That.

I always find these ‘About Me’ pages a little hard to write. If you want my generic social media bio, it goes a little like this: “24 (still unsure why you need to know this – updated once a year), First Class Business with Law graduate, aspiring book marketer, voracious reader, gooner (please don’t click off now – no Arsenal references, I promise)”. Why have I started this blog, you may ask?

I read. A lot.

I love writing. A lot.

One day I thought to myself, recommending George Orwell’s 1984 to every person I meet is becoming a bit tedious. I started suggesting different books to meet people’s tastes, which I hope to do through this blog. I buy new books weekly (a bookseller in Waterstones even knows me by name – which I am very proud of), so this blog is here to justify my bank balance. Huge shout-out to my overdraft.

Since I can remember (I’ve completely forgotten the first five years of my life), I’ve always wanted to write. Over the years, my knowledge of the economy, politics and law has grown an incredible amount (my five-year-old self never would have known ‘monopoly’ was an actual economic term, not a board game) and my love of literature has carried on through.

Most importantly, this blog is to get my generation reading more. If I can at least get one person to read a book, my work is done.

Because I just love books, I often review indie authors, as well as those from mainstream publishers.

I’d love to hear from you – if there’s a book you want to read but not sure whether you reaaally want to read it, send me an email and I’ll happily add it to my list!

Don’t forget you can request a bookmark here. Would you Bookmark That book?

Contact me on – contact@bookmarkthat.co.uk – or use the contact form on the home page!

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