Bookmark That’s Top Reads of 2019:

165 books. 54,542 pages. 9 stand-out books which I highly recommend.

Here’s Bookmark That’s Top Reads of 2019…

This list is in no particular order, expect one, which if you follow me on socials, you would’ve seen me declaring it on top of all the rooftops (ok, maybe an exaggeration), that it is my favourite book of the year. Nothing Important Happened Today by Will Carver has not left my mind since reading it. I’ve written a very long review for it, and every time I go to publish, I just can’t do the book justice. I’ve basically taken a Google search of ‘incredible’ and copied down all the synonyms.

It’s about cults, it’s ridiculously dark, but it’s everything I want in a book, topped off with Carver’s spectacular writing… it’s insane, and is my top read of 2019.

The rest of the books are in no particular order, and these were all stand-out as soon as I read them. I knew they were going on this list, and I was brutal with picking them, so you know that I only deliver the best. I didn’t intentionally pick by genres either – considering I read mostly thrillers, I think it’s a good mix!

The Silent Patient, Alex Michaelides– I read this back in January, and for months it was the only book I’d recommend, exclaiming “THAT PLOT TWIST” at every chance. It’s a thrilling, unpredictable and addictive read, whether you’re just starting out in the thriller genre, or a die-hard fan.

I Wanted You to Know, Laura Pearson– I put off reading this book for weeks, because I knew it was going to hurt my soul. And hurt my soul it did. But it’s also got a special place in my heart, and I adore it for being so pure. This is one of those books you can read more than once, and still love it every time.

The Flat Share, Beth O’Leary– This book took hold of my heart and hasn’t let go since. It’s a rom-com, and boy does it deliver. I seldom laugh out loud at books, but did with this, and I still love the characters and think, ‘what would Tiffy do’. Highly recommend if you need a quick but uplifting read.

The Warehouse, Rob Hart – I loved this book so much because although it is a dystopian, it offers a cautionary warning to readers. It has a thrilling edge but an important message. It’s addictive because of the repetition, and I can’t wait to re-read this.

The Sacrificial Man, Ruth Dugdall– Although a late entry, as soon as I closed it, it warranted a place in my top books. So many plot-twists and amazingly written, all wrapped up in a ‘I’m blown away but what just happened’ bow, and I am HERE FOR IT.

Unlawful Things, Anna Sayburn Lane– Independently published but packs a punch. It has lots of layers to the story, and Lane’s done the research and created a masterpiece in 413 pages. I’m still thoroughly impressed with this story, 9 months on.

No Way Out, Cara Hunter– Okay, so I know Hunter appeared in my top list last year, but I just can’t resist putting her on here again. I love everything about her stories and the Fawley series – no matter how fast the author is writing the next book, it’s not quick enough. They’re easy to read with a nail-biting story. Hunter has mastered how to keep an audience engaged from the first page to the last, offering all the thrills along the way.

The Photographer of the Lost, Caroline Scott– Another late entry, but this book couldn’t have been any better for me. An important book for all, as a reminder of those that were lost, but also those that were found again. A historical fiction which has a special place in my heart.

And that’s it, my Top Reads of 2019. Were there any you’ve read and loved, or think a book should’ve been in here? Let’s get social – use the links at the top of the page to get in touch!

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