The Five People you meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom

The Five People you meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom is one of those books everyone should read in their life. From life lessons, to rich, detailed scenes, it is a book you can’t – and won’t want to – put down. I felt like I was beside the protagonist which came with all the feels.

This book made it into my Top Reads of 2017 list, so I had to share this one with you.

The plot:

The beginning starts with the ending. We meet Eddie, the protagonist of this book, as we count down the hours until his death. Beautifully written from the get-go, we are introduced to Eddie’s work in maintenance at Ruby Pier, and are struck with his death on a ride.

Now, this isn’t a book which talks of an omniscient figure and an after-life. But instead, we meet five people in Heaven. With each person Eddie comes to meet, he also learns a lesson: how his actions have effected other people. Some characters you meet have come in direct contact with Eddie, but others, a ripple effect.

If you are worried whether this may not be the book for you because of the name, please don’t let this affect whether you pick it up. This book will really stay with you. It’s definitely one I’ll be recommending to everyone.

You can already tell from the first few pages that this is going to be a sad book, and there are some wonderful quotes in here to really get your heart racing.

My imagination ran wild whilst reading The Five People you meet in Heaven. The descriptions of some of the locations are so vivid and rich you can picture every scene alongside Eddie.

This book will really stay with you.

Because it’s quite a short book, with short sentences and lots of speech, you’ll read this quite quickly. I believe everyone will take something different away from this and it is one I recommend reading sooner, rather than later. You’ll regret it if not! I absolutely adored this book.

Bookmark That. And you’ll be talking about it continuously once you’ve finished. For all the right reasons.

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The Five People you meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom, RRP £8.99 (paperback); Waterstones

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