Good Me Bad Me, Ali Land

Whenever I went into my local Waterstones (basically twice weekly), I would pick Good Me Bad Me up and then put it back down.

One week, a lady in front of me picked it up as I was putting it down for the umpteenth time and saw she was purchasing it. Got huge FOMO (fear of missing out) and finally bought it.

My only regret is not purchasing Good Me Bad Me the first time around, because booooy is this a good book.

The plot:

We follow the story of Annie/ Milly, the protagonist in Good Me Bad Me. Annie’s mother is a serial killer, and when Annie tells the police, she moves in with her foster family and adopts the name Milly.

Her mother is facing trial, but with that comes lots of challenges for Milly and her new foster family. New school, a psychologist foster-dad, and an unsettling past, what could possibly go wrong?

This is actually a very good book. It was a bit hit and miss with the first few chapters, but once you get into it (and really do persevere), it is worth it.

There’s an amazing twist near the end, very unpredictable and there are some pages which definitely made my heart skip a beat. I ended up skim-reading some paragraphs because the adrenaline was PUMPING. Guaranteed gasping throughout.

The only down-side for me was needing more closure.

Don’t be put off by the size of this book (349 pages) – it’s a quick read – the sentences are short, lots of dialect and there are multiple pages with just a few lines on.

The only down-side for me was needing more closure – there are questions which I need answers to which doesn’t justify another book. The ending was brilliant, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll be thinking about my questions for a while.

Bookmark That approved. Also, lady who purchased this before me, if you’re out there reading this – did you like it too?

Good Me Bad Me, Ali Land, RRP £7.99/ £12.99 (paperback/ hardback); Waterstones

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