I Looked Away, Jane Corry: Book Review

A fantastic thriller that’ll keep you on edge throughout, let me introduce you to I Looked Away by Jane Corry.

The plot:

Every Monday, 49-year-old Ellie looks after her grandson Josh. She loves him more than anyone else in the world. The only thing that can mar her happiness is her husband’s affair. But he swears it’s over now, and Ellie has decided to be thankful for what she has.

Then one day, while she’s looking after Josh, her husband gets a call from that woman. And for just a moment, Ellie takes her eyes off her grandson. The accident that happens will change her life forever.

Because Ellie is hiding something in her past.

And what looks like an accident could start to look like murder.

A first-class thriller

The thing I loved the most about I Looked Away is that it stayed on a high the whole way through. There wasn’t a dull page. It’s split into three parts with a tasty prologue to get you engaged from the get-go.

Chapters are split between two characters, and I think this was brilliantly done. The voices are very distinctive and leaves you guessing where everything is going.

It’s a several-layer thriller leaving you in an unexpected position which is just fab. There were bits which were confusing, but I’m pretty sure Corry did this on purpose and I’m all for a bit of author-manipulation.

I read this in one afternoon, and considering it’s a 490-page book, take that as my review. It was impossible to put down, and you’ll adopt the ‘one-more chapter’ attitude because it’s so moreish.

This is a very clever thriller and covers highly important and topical themes. It’s modern, troubling and heart-breaking at times. A first-class thriller.

It’s difficult to explain the plot further to the synopsis above without giving away spoilers, because it’s hard to look back knowing the ending, but just take my word for it – there’s much more to it than a cheating husband and the accident with the grandson.

I also added Corry’s other books onto my wish list as soon as I finished it, because when the plot twist is that good, you’ve just gotta.

I Looked Away, Jane Corry, RRP £7.99 (paperback); Book Depository 

Pages: 490

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Genre: Thriller

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