Nobody’s Wife, Laura Pearson: Book Review

My heart was literally hurting at the ending of Nobody’s Wife by Laura Pearson. So immaculately written covering a topic often seen in real life, intertwined with a message for every reader to take away.

The plot:

Emily and Josephine have always shared everything. They’re sisters, flatmates, and best friends. It’s the two of them against the world.

When Emily has the perfect wedding, and Josephine finds the perfect man, they know things will change forever. But nothing can prepare them for what, or who, one of them is willing to give up for love.

Four people. Three couples. Two sisters. One unforgivable betrayal.

A breathtaking, incredible read

So, I’ve recently read Pearson’s debut book, and I really thought it’d be hard to beat. But this is definitely in the same league for me. It’s a simpler concept in comparison, but for some reason, this book just hit me in all the best ways.

I’ve said before that Pearson writes with such grace and elegance, and I’ll say it again. From the first page, you’re reminded/ introduced to the author’s incredible writing, with the perfect amount of conversation to description, to really get you inside of the character’s head. For me, it’s the fact that both Missing Pieces and Nobody’s Wife are relatively short books which give you so much back. I’m baffled as to how Pearson does it, but she definitely deserves a solid hand shake.

It took me a while to compose myself upon finishing this. My emotions were just exhausted. I wrote some notes about 10 minutes afterwards and I was still tearing up.

The only small disagreement I had with the book is that I WISH that Josephine reacted a little different at one part – I get that everyone’s personality is different, but I feel like I would’ve LOST IT, but this book isn’t necessarily about that.

I adored the ending, despite the fact it ruined my makeup big time, and I was chatting to a fellow blogger, and it’s so interesting the different things people can take from it. For me, it left me with hope and a sense of a new beginning, but boy, did this book get right up in my feelings.

Sign me up for more Pearson books please. A breathtaking, incredible read which is very well executed.

P.S. Read the prologue again once you’ve finished the book. CHILLS.

Nobody’s Wife, Laura Pearson, RRP £9.99 (paperback); Book Depository 

Pages: 247

Publisher: Agora Books

Genre: Fiction

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