Ragdoll, Daniel Cole

I was actually due to upload another review this week, but had to push it back because I needed to share Ragdoll, Daniel Cole with you as soon as possible.

Big shout-out to the tube again for providing me with top notch book ideas with their top notch marketing (I promise I’m not an affiliate for TFL).

Ragdoll is by far the best thriller I’ve ever read (and I’ve read A LOT). I’m actually upset that I didn’t get this on release date (19 January 2017), because that’s a solid 310 days (I finished this on 24 November and started the 376-page thriller which gave me so many heart palpitations, 2 days prior) without this book.

The plot:

You will be gripped from the first chapter. If you’re not, thrillers aren’t for you. If you are, boooooy have you got a stressful few days ahead of you.

Within a couple of pages, you are already questioning what is going on before even meeting the Ragdoll Killer. You are thrown into the deep end with finding out what happened to the key character, Detective William Fawkes for him to be ‘recently reinstated’ in time for this case.

Set in London (if you live here, you may be freaked out from the name-dropping), we are introduced to the Ragdoll Killer very early with a terrifying scene. Names and dates are then released to the media, with the countdown on to each person’s intended murder.

This book is unpredictable, thrilling and impossible to put down.

I’d actually written out my full prediction to a friend who was also reading this book at the same time as me. I’d probably changed my prediction like 2/3 times and was still not even close. Infamous last words from yours truly: If my prediction is right I’m going to become a detective. I was totally wrong, no career-change for Nicole right now.

Ragdoll has set the standards high for every single thriller out there. Sorry not sorry.

I genuinely feared reading this in public, my reactions went too far. I would swear, have my hand over my mouth, was holding my head in awe, raising my hands in disbelief, gawking, gasping: the lot.

Ragdoll has set the standards high for every single thriller out there. Sorry not sorry. Daniel Cole has set the bar so high that I genuinely believe all of my future thriller reads are going to be disappointing. And thrillers are sort of my thing, so I’m gutted.

ALTHOUGH, with a teasing prologue included at the end of Ragdoll, about more adventures with Baxter and Fawkes, I am honestly counting down the days. COUNTING I TELL YA. Hangman is due to be out in March 2018, where our new favourite characters will return. Note: Hangman is now available! Read my review here.

I’m genuinely not surprised this is a Global Bestseller with such high praise from other authors. I also wouldn’t be surprised if this is made into a BBC series or a film. I’d be down for both.

Bookmark That so quick. I am honestly begging you to read this book. Every second you have not; you are missing out. Big Time. Go. Now. BUY. READ.

Ragdoll, Daniel Cole, RRP £7.99 (paperback); Waterstones

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