I See You, Clare Mackintosh

Wouldn’t be lying if I said I read this all in one night, pals. Maybe because I was scared and just over-whelmed: who knows?

I’d heard such high praise for Clare Mackintosh, I knew I had to read this and give you the low-down. I was slightly worried, because some of my thriller recommendations end up being very predictable, but nope, not this one. Booooooooooooooy, are you guys in for a treat. Without further ado, I See You, Clare Mackintosh:

The plot:

We follow the story of Zoe Walker who sees a photo of herself in a London newspaper in the classified section with just a phone number and a website – findtheone.com. We are then introduced to PC Kelly Swift with British Transport Police, and the two stories begin to intertwine as we are thrown into the lives of such brilliant characters.

More photos of girls begin to appear, and it becomes far more sinister than we could expect…

I don’t take the word ‘unpredictable’ lightly. If I even have a slight inkling and it turns out to be true, I’m annoyed. But Mackintosh is brilliant – it’s like she’s dived into every detective’s mind, seen every predictable outcome and produced this clever thriller.

I’m unsure about the ‘gasp-inducing ending’ review on the back because I was gasping the whole way through; although the last two pages had me shouting ‘oh my god’, much to my best friend’s annoyance.

If I had to read no more thrillers now in 2018… I’d be happy.

Listen, I’m based in London, and I love people-watching as much as the next gal, but mark my words, I am indefinitely going to be napping with one eye open on my commute.

If I had to read no more thrillers now in 2018 (apart from Hangman, Daniel Cole – you guys KNOW how excited I am for that), I’d be happy; and that’s saying something considering we are only seven days in.

Nothing but absolutely praise for this thriller and author. I’ve yet to read ‘I Let You Go’, but this is definitely going to be the next book I pick up.

Bar the one grammar mistake (you guys know this review wouldn’t be real if I didn’t pick up on this), it’s amazing – very well written, descriptive, wonderful characters and worth every second.

Bookmark That now. You are not going to regret this.

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I See You, Clare Mackintosh, RRP £7.99 (paperback); Waterstones

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