Sin in the Big Easy, Elizabeth McCourt

Want to get out of your reading slump? Or want a fast-paced book with a good story line? Sin in the Big Easy by Elizabeth McCourt is the book for you.

This book only came out in March 2018, so you KNOW that I’m counting down the days until I can get my hands on the next book in the series.

The plot:

Booze, lies, and family drama will not deter young lawyer Abby Callahan from navigating the sordid underbelly of The Big Easy (New Orleans) to find out why girls keep showing up dead in Louis Armstrong park.

Every new chapter has twists and turns, but with everything going on, could Abby be missing vital information to solve the case…

I just felt indefinitely complete when I closed this book. It ticked all the boxes and if you’re looking for a quick thrill with all the emotions, this really is the right book for you. The best thing about this book for me, was it didn’t just have that killaaaaa plot twist we all love/need, but it had smaller little stories happening in the background which really made the book whole.

Sin in the Big Easy started off very dramatically, and at first, I was a bit like “woah that escalated quickly”, but looking back, it genuinely was the right avenue for the author to take.

I just could not put this book down. Due to the way it’s written, this book is quick to read, but answers all the questions you may have. It honestly was just such a delight from start to finish.

I just felt indefinitely complete when I closed this book.

I honestly cannot stress enough that if you need to get out of your reading slump, this book is short and sweet. It is 202 pages long, but the font is quite big, it’s written in short sentences and at the end of every chapter, there’s something new to make you NEED to turn the next page and carry on reading.

Full praise to McCourt for not being drawn in to making a super long book and just babbling, like many books I’ve recently read. It was to the point, intriguing, had an unpredictable ending, and is the perfect length.

I can’t wait for more Abby Callahan adventures.

Bookmark That ASAP. Whether for your reading slump, or just a genuinely easy-but-thrilling read; you won’t regret it.

Sin in the Big Easy, Elizabeth McCourt, RRP £11.98 (paperback); Book Depository

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