The Burden of a Daughter, Megan A. Clancy: Book Review

The Burden of a Daughter by Megan A. Clancy deserves to be read by everyone.

I’m so glad to be bringing such an amazing book to you.

The plot:

Set in a contemporary rural Nepal, The Burden of a Daughter tells of a mother’s journey through childhood after a tragic accident marked her as damaged. Future marital prospects are slim and so she is sent into an unfortunate marriage.

We follow her daughter into a life where her hopes and dreams are frequently discarded. When her father promises her away in marriage, the girl runs away from her small mountain village to Kathmandu where she is met with both trials and adventures that challenge her will to survive.

Both struggles to find their path in the traditional bonds of their world. The Burden of a Daughter not only explores the beauty and wonder of Nepla, but chronicles of the reality of being a woman in such a society.

You won’t regret picking up a copy of The Burden of a Daughter

I read this in one sitting, as it’s quite a quick read, but one that is full of imagery and such beautiful words that make the whole book come to life.

I was slightly unsure when I only had 15 pages left and wondering how it was going to end, but the ending was superb. I was actually a bit disappointed that it was a quick read, as I found myself wanting to slow down to experience it for a longer period of time.

Honestly, I can’t stress enough the depths The Burden of a Daughter goes to. It really speaks about the women in the Nepal culture, with topics which really make you think. It really hits hard that these things happen, and Clancy is sharing stories from when she visited Nepal.

It was clear that Clancy had done her research and investigated what it is like to live in Nepal – the way it is written, with the long, complex and descriptive sentences throws you in the heart of it all. I’m pretty sure I could smell and taste what was happening. I also googled some pictures after, and it was just like I imagined.

A much welcomed and appreciated change to my usual reads, I am so glad I’ve read this. Besides the story which made me v emotional (sometimes happiness and I may have shed a tear or two), but also opening my eyes to circumstances which are hard to believe are real.

Heart-warmingly beautiful. Bookmark That approved. You won’t regret picking up a copy of The Burden of a Daughter.

The Burden of a Daughter, Megan A. Clancy; Book Depository 

Pages: 224

Publisher: Sand Hill Review Press

Genre: Literary Fiction

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