The House, Simon Lelic

Not sure if The House, Simon Lelic was that good or whether the creepiness kept me awake all night reading this. Either way, this is one of those books definitely worth losing sleep over.

Upon finishing The House, I just really wanted to shake Lelic’s hand. For me, this book is exactly what a psychological thriller should be.

The plot:

What’s that infamous saying? “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” When Jack and Sydney put an offer in for a house in London, they weren’t sure they’d get it. And then they do…

This is written as if the protagonists are writing in a journal and for each other; you really start to get attached to each character with their own distinct voice, but when someone is found murdered outside their back door, you start to question who is reliable…

We are told right from the start this isn’t a ghost story, but as events transpire, it seems ghosts would have been better for the two protagonists. A box in the attic, things just not adding up, history coming back to haunt… I wish I could wipe my memory of reading this book so I could read it again and again and again.

With an incredible twist, this book couldn’t have been any better.

The characters Lelic have created are wonderful. There were times I laughed, and also times I had to jump a few sentences and my heart was racing. The short sentences and lots of dialogue makes this a quick read.

Alright, I live in a flat so the whole attic thing didn’t really get to me. But my upstairs neighbours make a racket (standard) so there were several times I had to put this down because I was too scared and got heart palpitations. Not ashamed to say I was spooked from the get-go. Totally worth it.

With an incredible twist, this book couldn’t have been any better. There isn’t one thing I’d change (and if you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you know I don’t say that often). If you’re into psychological thrillers, this is the book for you.

Such big praise to the author here. I cannot wait to read anything/everything Simon Lelic has produced.

Watch this space, you will be seeing a lot more of this author…

Creepy, thrilling and scary. What more could you want? Bookmark That book so fast. What are you waiting for?

The House, Simon Lelic, RRP £7.99 (paperback); Waterstones

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