The Treadstone Resurrection, Joshua Hood: Book Review

A book that goes from 100mph to 1000mph real quick and stays explosively intense throughout, don’t miss out on The Treadstone Resurrection by Joshua Hood.

The plot:

Operation Treadstone made Jason Bourne, but he’s not the only agent they trained.

Treadstone nearly destroyed Adam Hayes. The top-secret CIA Black Ops programme trained him to be an all-but-invincible assassin, but it also cost him his family and any chance at a normal life. Which is why he was determined to get out.

But then he received a mysterious email from a former colleague and soon after, is attacked by an unknown hit team, and Adam must regain the skills that Operation Treadstone taught him – lightning reflexes and cold conscience – in order to discover who and why they are coming after him.

It’s a rollercoaster journey

I seldom dive into the espionage genre, but The Treadstone Resurrection has got me craving more – I’m here for the action and not leaving now.

Hood’s writing is incredible – not only is it fast-paced, intense and dramatic (with a very high character-kill rate, might I add), but the scenarios are painted insanely well. It’s as if the author has taken a picture of a fight and managed to describe it to you (and make you feel all the punches), without being over descriptive and dull. It’s a rollercoaster journey and I’m ready for more rides/books.

It’s so action-packed, you’ll find you’ve read 80/90 pages without even realising. It just flew by, so I’m sat waiting (im)patiently for more. I really loved the main character, Hayes. Hood has taken my version of a ‘cool guy’, and put him down on paper, so he couldn’t have been any better from my perspective.

There are a lot of action-y references which I’m not used to, so lots of special guns and spy gear which is not my fortae and I found I couldn’t really appreciate this too much, but I’m resting easy knowing the author has a military background and writes like he knows his stuff.

The Treadstone Resurrection is not a Bourne book, but does make some references – if you’re a spy thriller beginner like me, you may pick the odd thing up, but a friend who loves Ludlam’s books has said there’s repeated references to The Bourne Identity, for Bourne lovers.

A book which I can’t wait to re-read in the near future. A well-warranted 5/5 stars, and I can’t wait to read more in this series.

The Treadstone Resurrection, Joshua Hood, RRP £18.99 (hardback); Book Depository 

Pages: 375

Publisher: Head of Zeus

Genre: Action

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