Turtles all the Way Down, John Green

John Green is one of those authors you know you can rely on when you want a quick, easy read which will hit you right in the feels.

And Turtles all the Way Down is no exception; focusing on mental health and who we really are, and how this obsession can affect us. It hit the feels, but just didn’t quite do it for me.

The plot:

We follow the protagonist, Aza Holmes, who suffers with severe anxiety… “it’s like a brain fire. Like a rodent gnawing at you from the inside. A knife in your gut. A spiral. Whirlpool. Black hole.”

All the while in the background, we are introduced to Davis, whose father is missing after the police sent out a warrant for fraud. Aza is then reminded of her times with Davis when they were younger, and a relationship starts to blossom.

Whilst Davis’ missing father is what the blurb highlights, the reader in fact drones in on Aza’s mental health issues, and how this affects not only her, but people around her.

This book reaches a dramatic, but expected turning point quite late, so you have had plenty of time to understand Aza’s experiences and grow attached, in true Green standard. There are also lots of quotes in here from other key pieces of literature, and it is brought together really well.

It’s not the most powerful story I’ve read, but I definitely got goose bumps when I closed the book. A nice read and one I won’t forget, but also not one I’ll pick up in a hurry. Written in true John Green style, the sentences are short and easy to follow.

Turtles all the Way Down wouldn’t be my first recommendation if you want a mental health related fiction read.

I had seen so much hype over this on social media, so maybe I just had high expectations. I also definitely judged this book by the cover and purchased it without even reading the blurb (my bad).

Turtles all the Way Down wouldn’t be my first recommendation if you want a mental health related fiction read. If you are looking for a mental health book written by a male author which will really make you think (and cry, if that’s your thang), then try The Humans, Matt Haig. Or basically anything by Matt Haig, I’m a big advocate.

Bookmark That approved. But not John Green’s finest. Amazing concept, amazing cover, but there was just something missing.

Turtles all the Way Down, John Green, RRP £14.99 (hardback); Waterstones

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