Awakened, James Murray and Darren Wearmouth: Book Review

This book is everything. When I finished reading Awakened by James Murray and Darren Wearmouth, I just closed the book and just sat there for what felt like an eternity.

Highly engrossing and one of the BEST stories imaginable.

The plot:

After years of planning and construction, New York unveils its newest subway line, an express train that connects the city with the burgeoning communities across the Hudson River. The shining jewel of this state-of-the-art expansion is the breathtaking Visitors’ Pavilion beneath the river. Major dignitaries, including New York City’s mayor and the president of the U.S, are in attendance for the first run of the new subway.

But as the train comes back, a far different vision of the future rolls into the station. All the train’s cars are empty. All the car’s interiors are drenched in blood.

As chaos descends, the horror is only beginning. There’s something living beneath New York City, and it’s not happy we’ve woken it up.


My heart was racing from the get-go with Awakened. It’s instantly stressful and I found it impossible to put down (despite the beads of sweat and heart palpitations). This is one of those books which is so well described and beautifully written, that you might want to sleep with a light on.

This book is a definite infinity/5 stars for me.

Constantly you are thinking ‘okay that makes sense… wait what?’, and every chapter allows for you to get dragged in deeper and in turn, even more horrified.

This book jumps around between characters and this just adds to the suspense even more – one minute you’re following one story, and the next it reverts back to another character who, 15 pages before, you were wondering whether they were alive or not.

This should so so so so sooooooo be made into a film. I could honestly envision everything through the book, and I know how horrifying it would be watching it.

Think: Alien vs Predator/Stranger Things/ Stephen King vibes. You’ve got the thrills, the sci-fi and the horror.

OH AND THE ENDING. THE. ENDING. Oh my goodness. *Impatiently twiddling my thumbs for book two and three to take over my life.*

All in all, this book is a definite infinity/5 stars for me. Big Bookmark That stamp of approval.

Awakened, James S. Murray and Darren Wearmouth, RRP £20 (hardback); Book Depository 

Pages: 283

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Genre: Horror/Sci-fi/Thriller

Book two comes out Summer 2019 and book three comes out in Summer 2020.

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