I Made a Mistake, Jane Corry: Book Review

A thriller which will keep you on your toes throughout with a rather nice message, if you like thrillers, you’ll like I Made a Mistake by Jane Corry.

The plot:

In Poppy Page’s mind, there are two types of women in this world: those who are faithful to their husbands, and those who are not. Until now, Poppy has never questioned which she was.

But when handsome, charming Matthew Gordon walks back into her life after almost two decades, that changes. Poppy makes a single mistake – and that mistake will be far more dangerous than she could imagine.

Someone is going to pay for it with their life…

The next page is just as deliciously thrilling as the last

Disclaimer: I loved Corry’s last book, I Looked Away (my review here), so I went into this book thinking I was going to love it. AND I DID. The opening chapter really got my heart racing and set me up for all my thriller-y needs.

This author really has the whole ‘keeping you engaged every page’ tactic nailed. There’s never a dull moment in these stories, even when you’ve reached a cliff-hanger in the story, the next page is just as deliciously thrilling as the last.

I said in my review of I Looked Away that there was much more to it, and Corry’s delivered again – it’s never just a simple story and there’s lots of manipulating you as a reader, especially when you’re wondering “who made a mistake?”

Chapters are split between Betty and Poppy, with the occasional excerpt which I LOVED. It flowed brilliantly and helped build the tension. This is probably one of the best-flowing thrillers I’ve read – I usually dislike dual-character chapters, but this was soooo well done.

In terms of twists – a couple made me gasp, and it isn’t as dark as I Looked Away in my opinion, but it still supplied multiple great stories, and you really couldn’t predict where it was going to end. There were some points which were brushed over (which I enjoyed because you’re shocked but the author carries on, as if to say ‘it isn’t over yet’), and some parts I found quite difficult to read.

It’s pretty infallible for me – it has everything I like in a thriller with an obscene amount of “okay this makes sense but where is the story going” vibe – it’s not a surprise to me that Corry is a bestseller.

The ending came together really well, answering all my questions without being rushed. It was well thought-through, and you’ll kick yourself for missing something relatively early on in the book. If you take out the whole ‘murder’ aspect, it’s actually got a nice moral to the story.

If you’re a fan of Cara Hunter or C. L. Taylor, you’ll like Jane Corry, but beware – this author has many other books and you will find yourself wanting to read them all.

I Made a Mistake, Jane Corry, RRP £7.99 (paperback); Book Depository 

Pages: 419

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Genre: Thriller

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