Taking Heart, Rowena Summers: Book Review

An absolutely stunning fiction based on pre-WW2 times, which delivers emotion on every page: meet Taking Heart by Rowena Summers.

The plot:

When their father announced that the family business, Caldwell Supplies, has been bought out by Preston’s Emporium, the Caldwell family’s life is turned upside down. With an ailing mother and a young brother to care for, Imogen and her sisters must find a way to save their childhood home and remain in Bristol.

But when a terrible tragedy tears the family apart, the Caldwell girls must forge their own paths in life. And with the Second World War looming over England, their lives begin to change more drastically than they could have imagined.

Through love and heartbreak, fear and loss, can the Caldwell girls make it out unscathed? Or will they be swept up in the chaos of the changing times?

It wasn’t flawed

For me, this book really highlights everything I love about historical fiction: family, love, loss, tragedy and an accurate representation of what the era was like. Taking Heart fills all the boxes for me.

This book focuses more on the romance element and the build-up to WW2, especially showing people’s ignorance or attitude towards the war. It was also nice to read a WW2 fiction which was not based in London, as this showed the more rural parts and the effect the lead-up had on these areas.

As for the historical fiction – this really reflected well what we know of the time, and I’m thoroughly impressed as I didn’t see a hole in the story at all. It wasn’t flawed.

It jumped between characters so at times was slightly confusing, but I really loved this style of writing.

It’s a relatively quick read because it’s very moreish and you just want to keep reading!

The tragedy side was so unexpected and it definitely broke my heart – the author did well to explore the impact this had on other characters. An all-round loveable book which you will not want to put down.

I think I would’ve preferred it to be in first person from Imogen’s point of view, but then again, you wouldn’t have been able to grasp the emotions of the other characters.

I could’ve read hundreds of more pages, but I’m so glad there’s another book en route; I couldn’t get enough of the characters, and Daisy’s War will focus much more on WW2 (I assume), in comparison to Taking Heart, which is chilling right up to when you read those famous and haunting words.

A must read for historical fiction/ romance lovers.

Taking Heart, Rowena Summers, RRP £9.99 (paperback); Book Depository 

Pages: 299

Publisher: Agora

Genre: Historical Fiction/ Romance

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