The Sentient, Nadia Afifi: Book Review

An impressive sci-fi dystopian with all the action you could ever want – check out The Sentient by Nadia Afifi.

The plot:

Amira Valdez is a brilliant neuroscientist, trying to put her past on a religious compound behind her. But when she’s assigned to a controversial cloning project, her dreams of working in space are placed in jeopardy.

Using her talents as a reader of memories, Amira uncovers a conspiracy to stop the creation of the first human clone – at all costs. As she unravels the mystery, Amira navigates a dangerous world populated by anti-cloning militants, scientists with hidden agendas, and a mysterious New Age movement.

In the process, Amira uncovers an even darker secret, one that forces her to confront her own past.

To pull this off is something to be awarded

A high 4-star read, but my only negative would be that I did find The Sentient quite difficult to get into, but only for the first 10-20 pages, as you’re uncovering something completely unheard of. Bear with it, because it’s a rollercoaster ride which you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss.

This book is incredibly fast-paced; the pages couldn’t turn quickly enough. There’s a good mix of conversation to description, so you’re put into the story and enveloped in all the action. There’s not a dull page, which is fantastic. Despite there being a lot of sci-fi and dystopian, unheard of language/terminology, Afifi describes it well without repetition or making it tedious.

Whilst you mainly follow Amira (who is fantastic), you also meet many other characters who may not seem pivotal at the time but really come out as the story goes on. Although it’s focusing largely on the now, Afifi has done a beautiful job with planting the reader both in the past and in different locations.

I loved how the past continuously weaved throughout the story. It contains strong themes of oppression which are incredibly hard to read, especially with some torture scenes, but it all helps to set the scene and become really passionate about the story.

The idea behind the plot is well thought-through and executed superbly. You know it’s going to be intense when it covers both the sci-fi and dystopian genres, so to pull this off is something to be awarded.

This book has definitely made a lasting impression on me, and I’m so excited to read more from this author – I’m hoping we get another story set in this world, and ASAP. Also, get this to the Netflix directors, because this would be an amazing series.

The Sentient, Nadia Afifi, RRP £9.95 (paperback); Book Depository 

Pages: 293

Publisher: Flame Tree Press

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Dystopian

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