The Girl who Cried Wolf, Bella James: Book Review

The Girl who Cried Wolf by Bella James is everything.

Think John Green, but with a bit of Mitch Albom’s magic in there.

The plot:

Anna Winters is beautiful, reckless and entirely self-absorbed. She spends more time thinking up reasons to call in sink to school than studying. She shies away from her family, from responsibility – from anything that doesn’t involve peach cider and parties with her friends.

Anna assumes that her headaches are an inconvenient symptom of her wild lifestyle, until a doctor tells her she has cancer… As a terrifying black cloud descends upon her, Anna finds solace in Michael, who shows Anna a chink of light in the darkness.

When Anna is called in for an emergency surgery and hovers between life and death – she’s given a stark glimpse of why her life is so broken, but fears it may already be too late…

A book which I’ll be picking up again and again.

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that YA (Young Adult) fiction just isn’t my cup of coffee. There have been copious books which I just can’t get through because their writing style or story line just wasn’t for me.

But The Girl who Cried Wolf just nailed it. The way it’s written, the story line which really gets you sucked in, and imagery that lies behind this book is a genuine treat from start to finish.

A relatively quick read but so deep and pure, you’ll not want the book to end.

At the beginning, you really think it centres around the old ‘boy who cried wolf’ story, but as  it progresses, you realise it has a deeper meaning. I cried a few times and I’m not even ashamed.

This is the first YA where I have genuinely felt complete upon finishing the book; I’m curious to see whether I’ll get 1000x goose bumps again on my next re-read.

I sincerely loved everything about The Girl who Cried Wolf from the bottom of my heart.

Bookmark That approved big time. The first YA fiction I’ve loved.

The Girl who Cried Wolf, Bella James, RRP £7.99 (paperback); Book Depository 

Pages: 244

Publisher: Accent Press YA

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

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